Ongoing Club Projects

We have now been successful in receiving a grant of $35,000 to complete the lights on courts 1, 2 & 3. The club must input approx. $8000 towards this project. They will be finished by the end of November as we are waiting for them to be especially made.

We are looking into getting the lights on court 4 upgraded as well. This will be at our own expense of around $16,000.

The cost to replace the court surfaces is approx. $120,000. As such, we don’t have the money to do this project. You can rest assured that the committee is working very hard at trying to raise funds to get this done. Applying for grants takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort from our volunteer committee. Maybe we need one of these:

Money Tree

There has been a suggestion that we put a hard court on court 4. We are still considering this option however the cost is higher, and longevity of the surface is less that grass.

The windows in the upstairs area have been renewed and are now safe. This cost us $7000 to complete.

We will keep you informed of future projects and maintenance issues. Any comments or thoughts on these or other items of interest via the correct channels are most appreciated.

And remember every member, including you, is welcome to come to a committee meeting and have their say or maybe even help your volunteers out a little with our fundraising projects. Second Monday of each month at 7pm at the club.

We have another Bunnings sausage sizzle 24 Nov if anyone is available to help on the day it would be most welcome. A sheet is attached at the club for you to nominate a time you may be available. 

It would be appreciated if our committee members are not questioned during their playing time as they also need to relax.

Our Motto

Volunteers are not paid…
Not because they are worthless
But because they are priceless
Have you volunteered yet?

Please contact the club president:

Brian Davis
Freshwater Tennis Club
0478 570 622

Or via our website Freshwatertennis .org contact form.